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Site content

All selected theme screenshots for the sites, which are used on our site are the ownership of this resource. Baseline data, including native themes from the original sources, are under the copyright of the original sites.

All copies and usage of the afforded screenshots prohibited without reference back to the source. Other content should not be used in whole or in part way for commercial and non-commercial personal intentions without written consent from our website CTO.

Theme Updates

Absolutely all themes that are afforded on our website are updated every month in accordance with the updating of content management systems (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.).

Screenshots are also updated for your convenience. So if you want to see and get a renewed version of the theme, you can click on the opted theme screenshot, notice the change (if any), and link to the last, fresh version.

Our conditions

We are not the direct themes’ developers in order for your site, so if you have a question about the:

  • Guarantees;
  • Support;
  • Return;

You need to contact the theme developers. However, all the themes are tested by the professional developers on capacity and correspond to the updated versions of browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox), so any provided theme should approach for your site.